Meet Dr. Jason

Jason Sherbel, DDS, MS

I cannot imagine anything more rewarding than being an orthodontist. I love being able to make significant, positive changes in people’s lives. It is incredibly fulfilling to know that the work we undertake gives people a lifetime of improved confidence and self-esteem!

Like my wife, Dr. Mary, I understand the importance of effective communication, and how critical it is that the conversation goes both ways. In really listening to patients and parents, I learn what they expect and their concerns. Being open with patients, and encouraging them to be active and excited partners in their treatment, makes everything easier and more fun! I want people to know I care about them, personally, and am here to help them achieve their best smile!

Dr. Mary and I work side-by-side, collaboratively treatment plan, and constantly consult one another. Giving our patients two intelligent, resourceful doctors means the ideal orthodontic experience and smiles that grow each person’s confidence! 


I was raised in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and, like Dr. Mary, attended the University of Michigan for a total of 11 years.

My degrees/cerifications include:

  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biomedical Sciences
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS), graduated in the top of my class, founded the orthodontics club which promoted camaraderie amongst my colleagues, and was awarded a certificate in Exceptional Interest in the Development of the Oro-Facial Complex by the American Association of Orthodontists
  • Master of Science (MS) in Orthodontics, served as Class President and Chief Resident all three years
  • Board Certified, American Board of Orthodontics

One of the most exciting aspects of orthodontics, to me, is how the specialty is constantly advancing. Ongoing research leads to new methodologies, materials, and technologies. Through continuing education (CE), I stay at the leading-edge of new and emerging developments. Patients deserve evidence-based treatment for the ideal experience and results, and my pursuit of CE ensures I live up to their expectations.

I enjoy being able to talk with patients about new developments, too, and sharing my excitement. Each person who comes to Aspire Orthodontics deserves the best treatment and a wonderfully confident smile; ongoing learning ensures that is what they receive!

Dr. Mary and I are both enthusiastic about CE and regularly attend meetings, seminars, and lectures. We also read numerous professional journals, keeping on top of trends and research, and review what we’ve learned, together.

I am an active member of the:

These organizations offer many avenues for members to expand their knowledge and skills. Dr. Mary and I take advantage of every opportunity we can!


Dr. Mary and I are excited to be back in the area and part of such a thriving community.

Outside the office, I enjoy an active lifestyle and am always seeking new adventures. As an outdoor and fitness enthusiast, I love hiking, running, swimming, longboarding, and playing basketball. I have a zest for life, love animals, enjoy trying new things, and love traveling, too. Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer and polo player, and am now an avid chess player.

Of course, I’m a huge Michigan football fan and love watching and attending Michigan sporting events. Go Blue!