Invisalign® For Teens

Invisalign® Treatment for Teens in Farmington Hills, MI

Because no two cases are alike for teenagers, Align Technology is always improving its Invisalign digital treatment options. This enables our clinic to provide a more precise, personalized teeth-straightening solution that keeps your teenager moving forward with a straighter and more confident smile!

Your teen’s smile can change up to 50% faster with the Invisalign system’s exclusive technologies, like SmartTrack® material. With this advanced and proprietary tech, your teen will be able to grow into the person they want to become and feel confident doing so with a set of straight teeth. 

Clear Aligner Treatment Process

The first step in your teen’s journey to a new smile is a scan or impressions. We’ll collaborate with Invisalign treatment specialists to create a comprehensive digital treatment plan that will help your kid achieve his or her finest smile from start to finish.

Your teen will be fitted with Invisalign clear aligners made from the Invisalign system’s exclusive SmartTrack material. Using an indicator on the aligner, you can track your child’s or daughter’s compliance throughout therapy. Your teen will wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, but will be able to easily remove them so that his or her daily routine is not disrupted.

As your kid proceeds through treatment, a succession of subtle, precisely designed shifts will occur in his or her smile and life. If your adolescent declines Invisalign treatment during the first six months, you have the opportunity to switch to wires and brackets with the Invisalign Teen Guarantee. 

Benefits of Invisalign For Teenagers

Invisalign treatment gives both you and your teen a better teeth-straightening experience when compared to traditional braces and allow for many benefits like the following:

They are great at correcting both simple and complex teeth-straightening cases. The treatment is covered by orthodontic insurance. Invisalign’s proprietary innovations provide up to 50% shorter treatment times
in many cases!

You don’t have to deal with as much pain from rubbing brackets or broken wires and will have much fewer unexpected orthodontist visits. You will be able to enjoy all of the foods and activities you love. The trays are removable for easy brushing and flossing and, according to The Invisalign Teen Confidence Survey, you are two times more likely to have a boost in self-esteem. 

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