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Adult Invisalign Treatment Near Me

Clear aligners from Invisalign use cutting-edge technology to give you your greatest smile yet. Invisalign therapy can straighten your teeth with 75 percent more predictability than braces, thanks to breakthroughs like patented SmartTrack® material. Plus, your smile is moulded more carefully and with less pain than braces.

What’s the best part? You may continue to do the things you enjoy and eat the meals you can’t live without since your lifestyle isn’t disrupted. All of this was accomplished without the need for any unexpected excursions to our office due to broken wires or brackets. 

The Teeth Straightening Process

We will perform a scan or imprint during your first Invisalign treatment appointment. We’ll create a thorough digital treatment plan with the Invisalign system’s team of specialists, and map out your greatest smile yet from start to finish.

Invisalign clear aligners are manufactured with advanced technology, such as SmartTrack material, to transform your smile up to 50% faster than more traditional options! Throughout your treatment, each aligner progressively and reliably moves your teeth as you continue to live your life the way you desire. 

Getting Straighter Teeth in Farmington Hills

Throughout your treatment, you’ll see how your smile improves, gradually revealing the person smile and straight teeth you’ve always wanted to have. You’ll see how a succession of modest, skillfully engineered tooth movements may form a completely new future for you with the help of Invisalign clear aligners and our practice.

If you are looking to get straighter teeth and are considering invisalign, then call Aspire Orthodontics to schedule your consultation! We will make sure you get the straight teeth you have always wanted. Get in touch with our Farmington Hills office today. 

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