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Tie-Less Braces Near Me

Our office is proud to offer passive, self-ligating Damon Smile braces to our patients. The archwire is held in place by a slide mechanism, which reduces the amount of pressure on the teeth and allows them to move more freely, rapidly, and comfortably. With these cutting-edge new braces, obtaining your ideal smile may be faster and easier than you ever imagined!

Because there are no elastics to replace, tie-less braces assist lower the amount of pressure put on the tooth and require fewer adjustments. Damon Smile provides complete control over healthy tooth mobility. 

Affordable Self-Ligating Braces

Damon Smile is more than simply cutting-edge braces and wires; it’s a whole new approach to patient care! No elastic or metal “ties” are required with Damon tie-less braces. You can get therapy without having to tighten your braces using Damon braces. Despite the speed with which Damon Smile works, the use of moderate, low-friction force ensures you will experience less discomfort.

Damon braces are made to be unobtrusive, pleasant, and simple to clean. Damon braces eliminate the elastic ties that attract and accumulate plaque, making dental hygiene a breeze during treatment. Damon Smile is also available in clear brackets for patients who want a fantastic smile without sacrificing their appearance.

Damon Smile braces typically have a shorter treatment time than traditional metal braces. On top of shorter treatment times, there are fewer follow up treatments! If you are looking to get a great smile, consider Damon Smile and call our office today to schedule your consultation! 

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