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Corrective jaw surgery realigns your teeth and jaws into more balanced, functional, and healthy positions. Whether you want to improve your bite and function, your attractiveness, or your speech, corrective jaw surgery can make a big difference in your life. We’re here to collaborate with you to help you obtain a beautiful, functional, pain-free smile that will last a lifetime.

Your upper and lower jaws may have grown at different rates in some circumstances. Jaw alignment can also be affected by injuries and birth abnormalities. When only the teeth are misaligned, orthodontics may typically cure the condition; however, if the jaws are misaligned, corrective jaw surgery may be required. 

Who Needs Corrective Jaw Surgery?

These symptoms are some of the signs to look out for if you think you need corrective jaw surgery and you might be a good candidate for. Difficulty chewing, biting food, or swallowing, chronic jaw pain such as TMJ, excessive wear of the teeth, open bite, sleep apnea, or even a receding chin.

Treatment for any of the previously mentioned problems entails a dedication not just to your health, but also to your happiness. While surgery and orthodontic treatment may take several years to complete, the results will last a lifetime. There’s no excuse to suffer from painful and inconvenient jaw problems. To discover more about the best treatment option for you, your needs, and your smile, contact our office. 

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